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"Sponsor A Child" is an initiative by SpareTime Foundation of SpareTime Global Ltd. The mission is to support early child development, education, and well-being.
Providing communities, especially with children to have access to clean water, safe and affordable healthcare, sanitation, education, and provide nutritious meals.
The programme focuses on children between the ages of 6 to 16 years, whose families come under the income of Rs 35,000. Only one child per family is allowed to be sponsored.
The foundation is very transparent. The donor is well-informed about the child’s progress and will receive a monthly update from the class teacher.
When it comes to transparency, the foundation is 100% everything related to the sponsored child’s financial details will be disclosed to the donor. The funds go directly get deposited into the mother/guardian’s bank account.
The sponsorship amount starts from #10 to a maximum of £30 per month. A progress report will be filled in by the assigned teacher, to monitor the child’s progress.
Sponsor a Child in Sri Lanka Program is validated by The Information and Communication Technology Agency of Sri Lanka. The programme is further partnered with The State Ministry of Women and Child Development, Pre-Schools & Primary Education, School Infrastructure & Education Services, the Ministry of Education, Indira Cancer Trust, and Hope Sri Lanka.

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